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LSAT Test Preparation, Review, Course, Class, Tutoring Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois - Mercantile Exchange
Chicago, Illinois - Riverside Plaza
Chicago, Illinois - South Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois - North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois - North Stetson Street
Chicago, Illinois - River Road
Chicago, Illinois - West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, Illinois - Magnificent Mile
Chicago, Illinois - West Madison Street
Chicago, Illinois - LaSalle Street
Chicago, Illinois - South Northwest Highway

LSAT Preparation, Review, Course, Class, Tutoring Options in Chicago, Illinois

Live LSAT Online Webcast Small Group Tutoring:
LSAT Exam Preparation, Review and Tutoring via live online platform for group tutoring

Live LSAT Online Webcast Tutoring:
LSAT Preparation and Review at real time on an online live board with technology accessible anytime and anywhere

Small Group LSAT Tutoring:
LSAT tutoring for students seeking an affordable alternative to individual LSAT tutoring

LSAT Live Online Webcast Group Classes:
LSAT Exam Preparation and Review classes at real time on an online live board with technology accessible anytime and anywhere

LSAT Private Tutoring:
LSAT Exam instruction with custom one-on-one private tutoring format

LSAT Group Classes:
LSAT Group Classes with a prescribed syllabus of preparation material in class setting

Accelerated LSAT Test Preparation, Review, Tutoring:
LSAT Test Preparation, Review Course, and Private Tutoring for an upcoming test with short notice

Information on the LSAT Preparation, Review, Course, Class, Tutoring

Official LSAT exams are administered throughout the year. Some students find the summer and fall seasons ideal to prepare for the LSAT in depth and review at their own pace before the admissions deadlines that may span Fall and Spring semesters. We offer LSAT preparation courses, lessons, tutoring and review any time during the academic terms and summer. Accelerated LSAT preparation and review lessons may be structured and delivered upon request.

LSAT Logical Reasoning sections will examine skills in logic, reading, and analytical thinking. With focused LSAT Logical Reasoning review, students can greatly enhance their LSAT score. LSAT Reading Comprehension section will present questions to examine fundamental skills in single and comparative passage reading, while the LSAT Analytical Reasoning section will focus on logic games. The LSAT Writing section will not be scored, but the Law School Admissions will be provided with a copy of the applicant's writing sample, so it is important that a strong writing sample is composed for future review by law school admissions.

LSAT is often a pre-requisite for admissions to law schools. Admissions and Financial Aid Offices emphasize the LSAT scores and base their decisions on a combination of factors including the composite score on the LSAT, the number of times a student has taken the LSAT test, and the improvement of the LSAT scores between the LSAT tests. Multiple LSAT scores may be averaged, older LSAT scores may be ignored, or the most recent LSAT score may be weighted heavily. We do not advise students to write the LSAT until they have reproducible scores in and above their target LSAT score range in multiple LSAT official practice tests during the LSAT course.

LSAT students can access Official LSAT Examination Information, LSAT Test Registration, and download and take a full length free LSAT practice test on the LSAC LSAT website. If you choose to enroll in one of our preparation classes or private tutoring review sessions, the LSAC free LSAT practice test will serve as the diagnostic.

Students can learn the LSAT material and attain the skills necessary for success on the LSAT. Prior testing history, general reading skills, and academic background have relevance to the ultimate performance on the LSAT; however, with structured review, students are able to improve their LSAT scores when they have remedied the deficiencies that may have been caused by improper academic training, previous LSAT instruction, and ultimately, lack of solid strategies that work best for them- not one standard approach. After the initial diagnostic, our expert instructors are able to identify the proper course syllabus to get the LSAT students ready for their LSAT prep and review.

We offer customized LSAT teaching, tutoring lessons, preparation and review for traditional students, and for non-traditional students who have learning difficulties and disabilities that require accommodated LSAT testing. The pace of the LSAT Review is adjusted to address the needs of the individual LSAT student. In addition, highly competitive teachers are available to coach students who want to score a high percentile. LSAT is a skills-based test; however, with preparation, LSAT students can increase their LSAT scores.

The Law School Admission Council provides official LSAT questions and priorly administered LSAT tests. Elmscott & Haxeleigh LSAT Preparation, and LSAT Review focus on official LSAT material, and prepare LSAT students for the scheduled official LSAT. Pertinent additional LSAT assignments and review material are available to supplement the LSAT Prep and Review.

LSAT Preparation and Review are intensive. Between LSAT sessions, students are assigned supplementary LSAT homework to prepare for review sessions. Students review more than thirty official LSAT practice tests and approximately 3,500 official LSAT questions.

Students should plan their preparation and review ahead of their scheduled LSAT test date. Usually LSAT preparation and review course spans six to eight weeks in the period leading to the LSAT administration. We suggest that the students write the LSAT once to score their best with adequate preparation and review so that they have the most competitive LSAT scores and standing when they apply to law schools. If a second sitting is desirable, students may wish to extend their LSAT exam review and preparation.

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